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How is medical waste disposed of?

The world generates roughly 2 million tons of medical wastes each year. Due to the nature of medical Jobs, medical waste can't be treated as regular waste. Medical waste handling, disposal, biohazards remediation, and water remediation and cleanup are services in Destin, Florida, that require highly trained professionals. In this blog, we answer some common…
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Let Us Handle It

I'm well aware the crime scene cleanup industry isn't for everyone. It's a job requiring a strong heart and stomach as well as the ability to remain emotionally detached from every situation. For me, this is the most difficult aspect of my field, but my years as a paramedic helped me prepare for the tasks…
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What is Hoarding Remediation?

Hoarding remediation services are becoming more common because it’s something that affects young and old, men and women. Hoarding comes in different forms and is reflective of the person’s hobbies or interests. However there are times when the clutter doesn’t reflect this at all and is just random. There are different types of hoarders, and…
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