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The Benefits of a Crime Scene Cleaning Service

After authorities conclude their investigation of a crime scene, it’s likely that there’s already damage to your property, as blood and other substances could have made their way into floors and walls, producing unsightly stains and bacteria. If your property is old and the situation is not handled properly, this could have a detrimental effect…
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About Asbestos Abatement

According to Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, there are over 3,000 manufactured products known to contain asbestos with recent reports estimating that over 30 million homes and commercial buildings in the US alone include some asbestos-containing product. Why is this significant? While asbestos has been banned in the United States, homes and structures built prior to 1980…
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Mold vs. Asbestos

Mold and asbestos, both troublesome and damaging to the health of those exposed - but what’s the difference? Which is worse? Which is more common? Below, we’ve outlined some key differences and facts to better answer your questions: MOLD Mold, a living microorganism that’s neither plant nor animal classification in accordance with scientific standards -…
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The Mind Of A Victim

Why Victims of Domestic Violence Stay “Why don’t they just leave?” A common question from those who have never been abused - unfortunately it’s easier said than done. Truth is, leaving can often times be more complicated than it seems. Abuse revolves around power and control. Once a victim tries to leave their situation, they…
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