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Reducing the Burden and Risk for Families

Reducing the Burden and Risk for Families after the Loss of a Loved One with Crime Scene Cleanup Services I've seen my fair share of gore during my years with my crime scene cleanup team. Though murder scenes hold clues to senseless carnage, showing up to carry out suicide cleanup efforts tends to be the…
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Crime Scene Cleanup: Failed Burglary Attempt Results in Serious Injury

Jane Doe woke in the middle of the night to an unfamiliar sound. She sat up, instantly alert, then slipped silently off the bed, crossed the room to her closet, and retrieved a Louisville Slugger from inside. As she approached her bedroom door, she heard another sound: the unmistakable creak of a stair tread. She glanced…
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What is Infectious Disease Decontamination?

Infectious disease decontamination should not be confused with the regular cleaning up of crime scenes, as it is more complex. A decontamination program necessitates the complete removal of communicable and transmittable diseases, and it goes without saying these diseases are highly contagious and need to be contained. The Need for Decontamination Diseases can spread via…
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The Benefits of a Crime Scene Cleaning Service

After authorities conclude their investigation of a crime scene, it’s likely that there’s already damage to your property, as blood and other substances could have made their way into floors and walls, producing unsightly stains and bacteria. If your property is old and the situation is not handled properly, this could have a detrimental effect…
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