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Criminal Capers

Danielle woke in the middle of the night to an unfamiliar sound. She sat up, instantly alert, then slipped silently off the bed, crossed the room to her closet, and retrieved a Louisville Slugger from inside. As she approached her bedroom door, she heard another sound: the unmistakable creak of a stair tread. She glanced…
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For Property Managers

Being a rental property owner can be difficult at times. When renting to a person that you don't personally know, there's really no telling what those people are really up to. Even people who seem like a happy couple can be plotting devious schemes. If you have recently found out that someone was using your…
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Who Ya Gonna Call?

It's almost guaranteed that no matter what kind of maid service you call, they'll refuse the gruesome chore. If they do agree to take a look and give you a quote, the odds are high that they'll run from the house screaming, leaving you still sitting there, trying to figure out how to get your…
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Critical Services

Have you ever wondered what happens after the police and EMT's leave the scene of a crime? Most people don't, unless they have been involved in one of these traumatic situations. In fact, what usually occurs is specialists like Brooks Remediation send carefully-trained teams to restore the scenes of crimes, death, infectious disease decontamination, and…
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