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The Ugly Truth

There are some messes the average person is just not capable or qualified to clean on their own. Every day tragedy strikes somewhere in the United States. It is not something people who are unaffected by ever actually think about. After all, when the news reports someone has committed suicide or been killed by an…
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Deceptively Troubled

Mr. Stephens was a model tenant, never disturbing the neighbors or failing to pay his rent on time. For the latter reason alone, I should've known something was terribly wrong this month when his rent was two weeks late. Following several days of calling him repeatedly to no avail, I went to his apartment in…
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Helping Hoarders

Hoarding, a psychological disorder deeply ingrained in a person’s mind and habits. Hoarders are not collectors, although they may see themselves as such. A collector is one to organize, clean, and keep their collections on display. Hoarders however have difficulty discarding items that appear to have little or no value, cluttering their living spaces and…
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