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Let Us Handle It

I'm well aware the crime scene cleanup industry isn't for everyone. It's a job requiring a strong heart and stomach as well as the ability to remain emotionally detached from every situation. For me, this is the most difficult aspect of my field, but my years as a paramedic helped me prepare for the tasks…
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How to Clean Up Blood.

If the spill is larger than a plate, call a professional. One of the most common questions asked about blood cleanup is, when is it all right for an individual to clean blood and when is it time to call in the professionals? The general rule is, when the blood spill no bigger than a…
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For Property Managers

Being a rental property owner can be difficult at times. When renting to a person that you don't personally know, there's really no telling what those people are really up to. Even people who seem like a happy couple can be plotting devious schemes. If you have recently found out that someone was using your…
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Who Ya Gonna Call?

It's almost guaranteed that no matter what kind of maid service you call, they'll refuse the gruesome chore. If they do agree to take a look and give you a quote, the odds are high that they'll run from the house screaming, leaving you still sitting there, trying to figure out how to get your…
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