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What to Look for in an Industrial Accident Cleaning Company

If you search for industrial accident cleaning company online, you’re going to find more than few, but how will you know which one is the most effective? First of all the company must have a solid reputation and can work fast. You want the situation cleared up, but it shouldn’t take too long that your…
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What is Infectious Disease Decontamination?

Infectious disease decontamination should not be confused with the regular cleaning up of crime scenes, as it is more complex. A decontamination program necessitates the complete removal of communicable and transmittable diseases, and it goes without saying these diseases are highly contagious and need to be contained. The Need for Decontamination Diseases can spread via…
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Mold vs. Asbestos

Mold and asbestos, both troublesome and damaging to the health of those exposed - but what’s the difference? Which is worse? Which is more common? Below, we’ve outlined some key differences and facts to better answer your questions: MOLD Mold, a living microorganism that’s neither plant nor animal classification in accordance with scientific standards -…
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Help With Cleanup

Property owners and landlords may find they are responsible for crime scene cleanup as part of their duties. The need to clean the area may come as the result of a criminal activity, a fall, or an accident, yet the responsibility remains regardless of the cause. Workers and the public must be protected from blood-borne…
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