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Help With Cleanup

Property owners and landlords may find they are responsible for crime scene cleanup as part of their duties. The need to clean the area may come as the result of a criminal activity, a fall, or an accident, yet the responsibility remains regardless of the cause. Workers and the public must be protected from blood-borne…
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Tragedy Strikes

Marcie left work early Friday afternoon, convinced her husband needed her at home. Twenty-seven-year-old Mark suffered from severe depression and anxiety, and Marcie had noticed a recent shift in his condition. He'd become lethargic and despondent, sometimes unable to engage her in conversation at all. As she pulled into the driveway of the modest suburban…
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Critical Services

Have you ever wondered what happens after the police and EMT's leave the scene of a crime? Most people don't, unless they have been involved in one of these traumatic situations. In fact, what usually occurs is specialists like Brooks Remediation send carefully-trained teams to restore the scenes of crimes, death, infectious disease decontamination, and…
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The Ugly Truth

There are some messes the average person is just not capable or qualified to clean on their own. Every day tragedy strikes somewhere in the United States. It is not something people who are unaffected by ever actually think about. After all, when the news reports someone has committed suicide or been killed by an…
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