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Common Biohazards You May Find At Home

A home is where you feel safe and share love with your family and friends.  Although your home is supposed to be the safest place for you, we can expose ourselves to harm, infection, and diseases if we fail to perform due diligence. To live a healthy life and safeguard our loved ones from danger,…
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Understanding the Unattended Death Cleanup Process

An unattended death cleanup is one of the most complex and difficult situations Even for a professional death cleanup service, it is still tough to deal with. Unattended death is defined as a situation wherein someone dies and is not discovered for days or longer periods of time. When the body is discovered, it is a…
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Reducing the Burden and Risk for Families

Reducing the Burden and Risk for Families after the Loss of a Loved One with Crime Scene Cleanup Services I've seen my fair share of gore during my years with my crime scene cleanup team. Though murder scenes hold clues to senseless carnage, showing up to carry out suicide cleanup efforts tends to be the…
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