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Suicide Cleanup

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Why? Why? Why?

The primary question left to surviving friends and family after the suicide of a loved one is the eternal, “Why?”

The last thing on almost anyone’s mind after the suicide is cleanup.

We understand. There are so many questions to answer. So many details to take care of and account for responsibility.

Once the first responders have left the scene, the dirty work of moving on has to commence.

Who is going to clean up the scene?

Between funeral planning, grief counseling, and even crime investigation comes the unpleasant task of returning the site of a self-imposed death to its previous state.

This is usually just too much for grieving family members and friends to bear. Even landlords and property managers can find the task a daunting and upsetting one.

More often than not, there are dozens of questions that may forever go unanswered in such heart breaking situations.

One question must always be answered, however. That is the question of how to move forward with the clean up.

From the point of direct loss to the room to room cross contamination that may have resulted from the First Responders and Police personnel on the scene after the suicide, the cleaning needs can be daunting.

The compassionate team at Brooks Remediation understands that the mere thought of cleaning up after a suicide can be overwhelming to even the strongest among us. There may be splatter from blood or other bodily fluids. There may be broken furniture or windows, stained carpets and walls. Any number of items on the scene may need to be removed, repaired, sanitized or decontaminated. The situation, in short, can be a completely overwhelming mess.


Our clients needs are varied and our multiple services are designed to meet them. We are here not only to provide a means of remediation but to offer our traumatized clients some peace of mind that at least one thing is being taken care of. One thing has been returned to normal.

Our first and foremost concern is the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients and their families, loved ones, and anyone else who may come into the structure following cleanup. We will provide a full scale estimate in advance and clients can feel confident that the job will be done right.

Suicide cleanup services may be referred by social services, law enforcement and first responders, insurance carriers, real estate or legal professionals. We will work with clients and insurance carriers to ensure that the property is returned to its previous quality of condition. We can also provide a list of grief counseling services upon request.

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